New updates!

03-10-16 I have once again entered a piece in the #twitterartexhibit that is being held at Trygve Lie Gallery in New York City this year. I am always happy to participate as all proceeds from the even go to charity. Check out my twitter page to see pictures of the piece!

03-01-16 My painting “The Flood” won an award in the “Special Recognition Category” through an online abstract art competition with Light Space & Time . Please check out their website and participate. They have some great opportunities for up and coming artists.

01-11-16 I have joined the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association in anticipation for an active year ahead. I will be updating this site as well as their directory with any upcoming show information.

11-05-15 I sold a painting to a wonderful couple in Saint Peter, MN. I’m so glad “The Calm” will be going to a good home to be appreciated for years to come.

08-16-15 I sold “Crash” today to a nice couple in Lake Crystal, MN. This was a hard one to let go. Check out my “2014” gallery to see it. I have had this painting in local shows and it was once featured in a Mankato Free Press Article. It will be remembered and loved for years to come.

07-12-15  I sold three paintings today. “Trapped In Chaos”, “Outside The Box” and “Still” will be displayed in a commercial realty office in a new complex in downtown Mankato, MN. The new owner is very excited about displaying my work, as am I.

06-18-14  I have been invited by the Art Crasher group to show my work at the Venice Art Gallery in Los Angeles California! As I am still very new to the art world this is a very exciting opportunity.  I don’t however have lots of extra funds to send work there so I will be using a different option.  They are working with a company called Daylighted to provide a digital option for artist like myself. Click the lick to find out more.  The show starts June 28th, wish me luck!

05-17-14  My painting “Refresh” was sold today at a silent auction for a cancer benefit. It will be shipped to its new home in California! I was glad to donate it for the cause.  You can see the painting in the “2014” section on the “Paintings” page.

04-30-14  My first show has officially closed.  It was a great joy to be able to share my work and listen to peoples feedback. The Fillin Station in Mankato was a pleasure to work with and the staff told me my installation was one of their favorites ever! I am excited to continue to show my work.

04-08-14  My Painting “Crash” has been excepted into the juried art show at The Carnegie Art Center in Mankato, MN.  The show will be going from April 17th to May 24th if you would like to see it and many other great works of art in person.

04-01-014 My first show is officially open! You can see much of my work at The Fillin Station in Mankato, MN.  I’ll be showing all month so drop me a line if you would like to meet me there for a viewing, discussion and some great coffee.

03-22-14  The #twitterartexhibit has started. I’m excited to see if someone buys my piece.  As I have been gaining followers on Twitter I have decided to do a give away.  I had a large section from the piece I did for the Twitter Art Exhibit and decided to make some bookmarks out of it.  I will be giving some away to the first 5 followers to Tweet something about this website after I reach 1000 followers! Here is a picture of what the bookmarks look like.  Click the link on the right to follow me on Twitter and have your chance to win one!







02-14-14  My painting “Copper 1” got an honorable mention at “The Annual Juried Exhibition” at the The 410 Project in Mankato, MN.  Click the link for more info! I had a lot of fun with some great artists.  With over 70 entries of great art I think I did pretty well for my first time.  You can view “Copper 1” in the “2014” section on my “Paintings” page.  You can also check out my Twitter and Facebook pages to see more pictures of the event.

Since you are here, check out The Five Count  for southern Minnesota’s premier radio show.  I have co-hosted this show for over a decade! Click the link for all our celebrity interviews and shenanigans.

I have also contributed to a small local zine in Mankato, MN called Save the Crumbs for several years.  It is non profit and it’s purpose is to give local artists, writers, photographers or just people with something on their mind, a place to let it out.  Visit Save the Crumbs to learn more.